Trademarks | Ing. Pavel Nádvorník


Trademarks and company names

  • complete securing of a company name and a company logo, trademarks and a product name
  • registration of national trademark's
  • registration of EU trademark's
  • monitoring of possible infringements of client's trademarks.
  • trademark search

European union Trade Mark (EUTM) registration procedure

  • Filling a EUTM application
  • Examination procedure (formalities, absolute grounds)
  • Examination of a list of products/services
  • Translation
  • Search in a EUTM database
  • Publication - 3 months period
  • Registration


  • From the date of publication onwards, third parties who belive the new trade mark should not be registered have three months to object. The third party has an earlier right (or more than one) and believes that new trademark, if registered, conflict with it.
  • In order to prevent new mark from being registered, third party must oppose new trade mark by filling in a form and paying a fee. If an opposition is filed, new mark will be subjected to - and must succeed in - opposition proceedings. An opposition can be filed within three months after a trade mark has been published.